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Red lines, Blurred lines, Drunk pick-up lines. Can we just enjoy this weekend? Officially time to say bye bye to white and hello to fall; Congrats girl, it’s a girl!; Read this right now, or die; Cheers to Jim Scuitto on the new CNN gig; FOOTBALL; Who spotted Gene Sperling …, Jessica Alba, George Lopez, and Theodore Huxtable! These are powerful!

Will this entice first time voters to the ballot box in November? Is this all “feel good” hope? Any policy in there? Does that help? Have we just seen the new politics for our generation? Where has Kareem been for the past few years? However you feel about Obama and …

Rep. (Dollar) Bill Jefferson (D-LA) admitted yesterday that he took $100K in a briefcase from a VA business assoc. “and that the money ended up” in his freezer (Baton Rouge Advocate).