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Metro hired two firms to [rebuild its image] This cat cafe is really happening [and they’ll write your ex’s name on a litter box] Black Cat is moving its [weeknight shows up] DC Mad Max-style ATV group [chases cop off] The P Street Whole Foods [will finally have half decent …

Another Whole Foods [H Street] Measuring the Monument [Washington] No more styrofoam [DC] Chef Alison Reed leaves Ripple [and DC] Photo by Justin Schuck

Metro gives its riders a gift [in 2014] Washington Monument lights [going out] Air & Space goes way, way, way space [Star Trek] A focus on DC artists in [Whole Foods] FAA tells us what we already knew [keep your electronics on] Photo by Kevin Wolf

We can all relate to the frustrating lack of parking spaces and tiny shopping carts.

The Washington, D.C. area loves flash mobs. [dance] Customer walked into Vienna Whole Foods grocery store Tuesday to do some shopping only to find a flash mob of employees doing the “The Salmon Dance.” Watch as some patrons are not sure what to make of it while others are glad …