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If you’ve yet to catch the web series Cap South, you’re missing out. Cap South takes a humorous, and often times over the top look at everyday life on Capitol Hill. After enjoying a lot of success and plenty of good ink this past season, the final episode was posted …

We wonder if Greg Leuch, a New Yorker who developed a Charlie Sheen browser blocker, could quickly work up one for Michaele Salahi’s name. [exit stage right] Reality show star and White House party-crasher Michaele Salahi has been asked to leave the television show “Celebrity Rehab” because she does not …

Let the games begin. LivingSocial Counts on’s Help in Groupon ‘Gunfight’

The NRSC took a bold, yet expected approach to their homepage today: The DSCC took a less subtle approach:

We love Twitter because we get to reconnect with old friends. @jesus –  welcome to twitter. It has been a while. We still dig that water to wine thing you did. What are you waiting for?  Follow us on Twitter.