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Bres: House Republicans call for moratorium on earmarks EE: House Republicans Know How to Play the Game Lewis: Breaking: GOP Leadership Proposes Earmark Moratorium Pear: House Republicans Urge Earmark Moratorium JK: House GOP shelves earmark moratorium plan, seeks bipartisan panel AP: House GOP Proposes Earmarks Moratorium Gavin: Reporters Covering the …

…then meets Chris Taylor “If only Rahm Emanuel would put as much effort into finding bi-partisan solutions to America’s problems as he does into these political attacks, maybe then he wouldn’t be leading the lowest rated Congress in history.”

FishbowlDC asks: What local muckracker does TMZ have working for them?

Ryan Grim: Young Blunt doesn’t disappoint Josh Kraushaar: Missouri governor Blunt announces surprise retirement

Akers: Rep. Jefferson a Stickler on Courthouse Food Rules At the courthouse facing federal corruption charges, Bill Jefferson gets on an elevator and jokes with Susan Crabtree that she is breaking the rules with her snack inside. Molly Hooper asks Jefferson, “What are they going to do, indict us?”

Oliver Stone to make “fair” movie about George W. Bush

As you’re enjoying the first snow blizzard of 2008 and thinking about your evening commute…. Here’s the weather today in Barbados (82 and partly cloudy) Miami, Florida (77 and cloudy) San Diego, CA (High of 63 tomorrow)

 Weisman: McCain Faces Payback From Old GOP Foes