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Extinguishing fire WITH SOUND. Amazing. Two George Mason students figured this out. What have you done lately?

The Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner resulted in many excellent jokes, as well as this amazing video. Members of Congress read mean Tweets about themselves.

Is it 4th of July? No. But is it time to watch a drone fly into fireworks? Always.

Sure, this video has all the charm of your typical mid-century educational videos with a deep-throated narrator and plodding atmospheric music, but its subject matter is something you know very well. It’s about the jewel of WMATA, Metrorail, and specifically how it was built, which is pretty cool. Even if you don’t appreciate long wait times, crazy passengers and all other fun Metro benefits, you can definitely appreciate it as a feat of engineering. Check out from 1:45 on to see footage of how workers tunneled under the earth to make Metro possible. via

This is a cool tilt-shift video of a D.C. It makes ours a little, teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, little, tiny city.

Positioned in front of picturesque flags waving in the wind around the Washington Monument, José Andrés delivered his Commencement Address to the graduating students of George Washington University. Andrés called on a few friends to make this address more interesting – it’s funny and worth a watch.

Cinco de Mayo [margarita prices] Mirror, mirror on the wall [which rap artist has the largest vocabulary of them all?] Are you single? Do you make $100-200k? [we have the perfect 400 square foot studio for you] The running of the chihuahuas [this is really actually a thing] Building collapses …

Our snowstorm was such a big deal the New York times made a time lapsed video of the precipitation centered on Farragut Square, set to some dreamy snow music.

Who shakes it better? Vote below. CRAFT NMS   POLL CLOSED CRAFT: 322 [Winner!] NMS: 258 h/t Matt Lira

It’s entirely possible that the video producers at the NRCC have way more fun at work than most people.

Meet Travis. He works at New Media Strategies. He loves socks.