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Vice Presidential Debate

Last week we brought you a top ten list of how to enjoy a Presidential debate. Note: rules still apply for VP rumbles–so break out the LCD screen, bingo cards and bottle openers for Thursday! This week we are back with the top ten things Ladies Who Lobby would love to see in the Vice Presidential match-up. 1. Ayn Rand: Let’s just say these Ladies will be dissapointed if neither candidate invokes the princess of Capitalism as either 1) a symbol of a sparkling new hope for civilization or  2) as a fantasy that young men ages 12-22 (should) eventually outgrow. We’ll let you guys figure out for yourselves which candidate believes Ayn Rand’s philosophy could single-handedly save the Western world. Hint, it isn’t Joe Biden. 2. Scranton: Did you know Joe is from a small town? Did you know he was from Pennsylvania? Did you know as Senator he commuted from Delaware  You did? That’s shocking, we didn’t think he ever mentioned it.