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The folks over at NJI Media redesigned every state flag in America at, for Flag Day tomorrow. They weighed the history of the state with each state’s current flag and came up with interesting ways to represent local flavor. We’re impressed. Here are a few of our favorites: Arkansas …

If Jeopardy whiz Ken Jennings isn’t interested in running for Senate, what about approaching Watson? “Win on a game show and you can apparently run for the US Senate. That was when I realized the Democratic Party was f@#$ed in ’04,” h/t Lazy Hazy

The back story is fascinating and quite refreshing. Eight Days of Hanukkah from Tablet Magazine on Vimeo .

Loudoun Valley Vikings [Cooley ] Hand holding [where’s my cape? ] Cheating on Blogger [twitter ] Shake Hands [LeBron ] Metro [etiquette ]

According to CNN, the next person to give Mitt Romney a $10 million donation will also win a brand new house.  [complete with 9.5 crappers]