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#NATIONAL Always get the bigger pizza; Or maybe never get the pizza; We found the best ever House of Cards tumblr; Bitcoin: nice while it lasted; Lebron-man; Seaworld still pissed about “Blackfish;” where’s our American flag tee shirt?; what’s going on with the Tea Party?; Oscars Sunday; Anchorman 3: ain’t …

Though government may wait till the last minute, the internet is always on top of things. Thankfully throughout this Fiscal Cliff nightmare we had this Les Fiscal Miserables tumblr to keep us amused. We’ve selected some of our favorites:  

We’re fans of anyone that can spin the Most Interesting Man in the World into an Obama meme. Not to mention all the cats.

Any blog featuring Obama checking out the latest in hoverboard technology is a big winner in our book.  [2nd favorite blog of the day]

It’s our new favorite blog – probably because it’s littered with profanity and great outfits.  [do it] h/t ASM