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#NATIONAL Always get the bigger pizza; Or maybe never get the pizza; We found the best ever House of Cards tumblr; Bitcoin: nice while it lasted; Lebron-man; Seaworld still pissed about “Blackfish;” where’s our American flag tee shirt?; what’s going on with the Tea Party?; Oscars Sunday; Anchorman 3: ain’t gonna happen; Tesla’s about to get serious up in here; Bill Murray said it best, regarding our 2014 winter; this will thaw you out: pelican learns to fly#THEDISTRICT Oof, TSA; Adorable: kid bonds with sea lion at the National Zoo; Oh look, DC is the top market for wealthy Milennials + Baby Boomers; Lupo Verde opens on 14th; 10 most anticipated spring restaurant openings;  Is Kennedy Street the next hot DC spot?; lolol: the worst performing metro escalators of 2013 and 2014; Yummiest DC coffee spots; When & where to buy Girl Scout cookies; Richard Sandoval’s new Toro Toro to open next month; Red Apron Butchery opens in Penn Quarter; SPRING?? Garden District reopens 3/01; D.C.  plans  include gender-reassignment surgeriesCapMac is back on the streetsLisa De Pasquale book launch party; Fabio Trabocchi’s Italian seafood spot debuts on the Georgetown waterfront; The best happy hours in Shaw and Bloomingdale: Possible fare hikes, new routes to Southwest for @DCCirculator#WASHINGTONINSIDER Brian Johnson is swamped #TaxReform; So is Sarah Swineheart; Who is having a better week: Howard Mortman or Seth Rogen?; “It’s boner.”;Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias hang out at Lauriol Plaza; Nancy & Paul Pelosi ‘take back the night’ at JT; Dave Tate is the man; Lobbyists vs. Lawmakers: go to the Congressional Hockey Challenge next week, because 1. Hon. John Kerry vs. Brad Dayspring AND 2. it’s for an excellent cause; Marion Barry live tweeted Scandal; Rep. Jared Polis is getting a GQ makeover#SUCKS Feel Better, @StephFont; Get better Dan;  #BIRTHDAY Tell Andrew Fimka happy birthday today; Happy Birthday Elle Imperiale; Speaking of birthdays, make sure you tell these fine folks congrats on being another year older: Tobias Sellier, Christine Kim, Mat Pierson, Joe Bretell, Kevin Madden, Cheryl Jaeger, Lindsay Casale, Emily Miller and Patrick Gavin; HBD Blake Waggoner, Hadas Gold, Trey Graham, Tyler Houlton, Vicki Diez & Erica Goldman;  #CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations time!; Happy pre-Anniversary to Ryan and Karen Howell; Tell Robert Holleyman congratulations on his appointment to Deputy USTR; Lindsey Drew is rocking a new gig at MasterCard; Lauren Culbertson and Jen Voss became Story Partners; David Powers is now Senior Counsel at the Republican National Committee; if Bryan Avondoglio keeps getting promoted, will he soon be SPEAKER?; Congratulations to Molly and Matt Haase on the birth of their little girl Betsy; Timothy B. Lee follows Ezra Klein to Vox; Jason Zengerle joins The New Republic as a senior editor; Yochi Dreazen gets promoted; Josh Barro joins NYT; BloombergView.com relaunches; Domenico Montanaro heads to PBS; Tim Carmody and David Sims join The Wire; Scott Havens jumps to TIME; Madhulika Sikka celebrates her new book; @woodruffbets joins the @dcexaminer; #BYE We promise it will warm up, go outside and get moving.

This roundup brought to you by SP+KC, NoLongerFamous, RedneckGenius and Marie.