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Just for kicks, we took the transcript from Obama’s Twitter Townhall and then removed Jack Dorsey’s questions and all the side notes (Laughter, Applause, THE PRESIDENT, etc). The total number of words used by President Obama in his answers was about 8,519 — or roughly 38,703 characters. Translation, at 140 …

When someone calls you crazy, sometimes it makes sense to embrace it. From Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign site : Make a contribution today to the woman that drives the Left CRAZY. Clever.

Strange ads are the new black [coffee]. Starbucks is rolling out its own brand of instant coffee this week, and they’re employing a very topical, if slightly risky, ad campaign to do it. First aired during the premiere of Saturday Night Live, this ad for “Via” gambles heavily that the …

MKH tells us she is leaving Townhall and heading to Hey, everyone. I hate to break news on a Friday afternoon (I’m becoming such a politician!), but such is what the timing required. … I’m leaving the great, great folks at and Salem after almost three years for …

Mary Katharine Ham: The NYT Goes Capitalist Pig

Have the Clinton’s found yet another campaign finance loophole? Amanda Carpenter begs an important question. [must read]

and vote for Obama! MKH: Hulkster endorses Obama

Mary Katharine Ham: A Take on Ron Paul “Ron Paul’s ridiculous.”