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This weekend starts out fast and then takes it slow so hold on tight as we get ready for another swingin’ summer weekend in DC.

Nothing says get this party started like a three day weekend. For those of you staying in town, we’ve got a stacked weekend of very DC things to do. And bonus, a majority of it is free because that’s how DC summer rolls.

Happy Hours! And so much more.

From the ground up, The Graham Georgetown is a sleek new addition to this metro-less neighborhood. Formerly the Jefferson, the boutique hotel has a modern feel that still nods to the space’s rich history.

It’s that time of year: Cherry Blossoms, patios and Easter. Ok, so maybe patios are a few weeks off but that doesn’t mean we all can’t have a good weekend anyway before March ends. Even if one or two of the days might require gloves…

Can anyone else sense just the lightest tinge of Spring in the air? Maybe it’s just me, but with DST this weekend and the Noquester behind us, it’s prime time to get out of the house and have a great weekend.

Let’s be real, it’s been a long week and last weekend was a little out of control between DC Mardi Gras and Super Bowl. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little crazy while still having some R&R time. You’ll find the best of both worlds in our top picks for the weekend.

If you listen to anything in DC this month, make sure it includes these shows.

Brrrrrrr talk about a blizzard! No, but really, it’s a little too chilly out there for us so we put together a weekend of warm fun that includes plenty of fireplaces and strong drinks to keep the chill away. Not to mention it’s the last weekend in January – man, …

Inauguration weekend is upon us and the city is already stirring! Here’s your weekend lineup full of several gems to keep you entertained. Bonus: many bars are getting their licenses extended til 4 am so there will be plenty of action in the DofC!

This is going to be a rough fantasy rant to write this week given I was on a plane all day Sunday and watched about as much football as Vince Young played – that is to say ZERO. I’ve had to gather my thoughts from highlight reels and internet banter instead of my normal method of watching NFL Redzone for eight hours straight. I may miss some of the dumber things that happened this week, but I should get to most of the good stuff. Pardon me if it’s short this week. In other news I lost all of my fantasy contests again. At least this time I put up respectable scores in my losses. A 38 point effort for a loss hurts more than a 95 point effort for a loss. However, being that close makes you really examine who screwed you in the past week and kept you form the “W.” I’m going to be extra testy with this group this week. I think that’s something Lance Armstrong would like. Let’s play ball.

The middle of August has arrived dear friends, and it is time to enjoy another weekend in the DofC. From what my sources tell me, it’s a dead town right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of trouble…er…fun to get into. Have at it!

Restaurant Week is a fun and affordable way to try new restaurants, but it can also be a bit overwhelming.  With so many delicious options popping up on DC’s culinary map nearly every day, it can be hard to choose where to go.  We’ve combed through the contenders and put together a list that is sure to have something for every appetite. You will see the restaurant on the map and listed in one of ten categories we thought would help with your decision: Perennial Favorites, Table for Two, Power Lunch, Girl’s Night Out, Oui Oui!, Meatheads, Beer Lovers, Expense Account Required the Other 51 Weeks of the Year, Hidden in Plain Site, and Can’t Get Enough. Bon Appetit!