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The folks over at NJI Media redesigned every state flag in America at, for Flag Day tomorrow. They weighed the history of the state with each state’s current flag and came up with interesting ways to represent local flavor. We’re impressed. Here are a few of our favorites: Arkansas …

Tennessee legislators unable to conduct the people’s business until they first find out who keeps letting the dogs in the building. [via NR]

Our friends at Red State Update, who we’ve interviewed, recently did an interview themselves. The lucky winner: Republican Basil Marceaux for governor of the Great State of Tennessee

Fred Thompson drops out of the race for the Republican nomination for president. UPDATE:  Erick Erickson of says Fred’s not dead [conservative leader]

Plant and Krauss hitting the road in April KICK OFF – Louisville, Ky – 4/20 Chattanooga, Tenn. – 4/23 Bham, Ala. – 4/26 The tour’s 11-date run in Europe follows in May.