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Everyone knows that FamousDC does our best to stay non-partisan. But this is an effort we support 100%. Let’s all get behind the Make It Rain Act. NJ’s Theresa Poulson:  Make it Rain Act’ a Better Name for Jobs Bill? — VIDEO  

So, right by the Capitol, they’ve put up new stimulus signs – this one next to a “Johnny on the Spot.”  [of all the places] Yes, the federal government is now spending your money to build American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Portable Toilets. As our tipster stated, “they are making …

Both Delaware senators are among 30 Capitol Hill celebrities who are urging President Barack Obama to direct some of the $787 billion in economic stimulus money to beach "replenishment" projects. [do it for Dewey] It’s unclear as to whether any of that stimulus money would be put towards booking better …

We know a few elected officials that could use some media training from these two. Note to CPS: No children were harmed during the making of this video.

Was there anything in the stimulus bill that would make it illegal for people to tag old high school pictures of you on Facebook? If not, there should be. That sh*t just ain’t right. Seriously.

Andy Roth gets Cubs tickets for life?

There are a lot of people comparing this dude to Newt Gingrich.  [no pressure]

There are mice dying in San Francisco, so of course it’s important that Congress turn this sh*t around quickly.