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In this video, BBC reporter Graham Bell holds a camera and skis an Olympic downhill piste in Sochi. It’s thrilling. And makes us fear for our lives, even as we huddle in front of the computer with coffee.

Sochi, Russia, where dogs roam the streets and the water is dark brown on a good day, beat all these cities to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Our world was upside down this week: it got cold, it turned warm, Thursday felt like Friday, stories of journalists in Sochi stressed us out.  We pulled a few amazing weekend picks to flip it all around. Comedy, date night, movie marathon, record store opening, scavenger hunts, the works.

#NATIONAL  #MondayNumbers; Congrats, Seahawks!;  Facebook turns 10;  The Beatles turn 50; CVS puts out its cigarettes; We wish you all the best, Jay Leno;  Stress at Sochi — it kind of sucks; How popular is your favorite DC anchor on Twitter?; Super Bowl aftermath; Stupid baby panda falling on its stupid face; Uncle Joe Biden can’t think …

Your escalators could be broken WHILE in Russia. From NPR: There have been many experiences here in Sochi that have been foreign or unfamiliar. But this broken escalator made me feel right at home. It’s just like Metro back in Washington, DC, which suffers from near-constant escalator failures and repairs. …