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If elected, [longshot] this will come back to bite Jimbo in the rear.  Trust me.  Still, it’s clever.

–but at least reporters, Members, Senators and Congressional staff finally agreed when it officially expired. Stories about the law were all over the map in describing when it would expire. In the interests of full transparency, this Capitol Briefing item said “Friday night” and this Washington Post story said “Friday,” …

Widespread Pride in the Senate Ain’t Life Grand

Babington and Kellman report from inside the small and clubby Senate environment

Former Sen. Max Cleland (D-GA) On the Democrat Primary: Cleland: “I think it narrows it down obviously to the food fight going on between Obama and Hillary. I mean it’s ugly man. And I think the longer it continues, the deeper hole Democrats dig.” (WSB-ABC Atlanta‘s “Channel 2 Action News,” …

Stimulus rebates may come by mid-May

McGrane: Dodd’s back with a big, new housing proposal

The man walking around Capitol Hill Friday with a shotgun found himself in court today. [shocker] From Roll Call: [paid subscription] Michael Gorbey, the man who police say was armed with a shotgun and other weapons while walking the streets near the Capitol on Friday, is scheduled to appear before …

Ron Bonjean profiled in the Politico…. ….on the same day he announces his departure.