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Southern Maryland high school seniors are the worst [they let 72,000 ladybugs loose in their school] DC is more energy efficient than [San Francisco and Seattle] Free range parents almost off the hook [cleared of neglect in one case] Area man parks car with rice cooker and propane tank in …

Confession: I’m a serious nerd. I have seen all the Marvel movies, used to hang out in a comic book store, and even went to Comic-Con last year. So after leaving Guardians of the Galaxy (BTW: It’s freaking great!), I was shocked by the answer I received after asking my movie companion how she liked the film. “It was all over the place. What is that stone? Who was that big guy in the chair? I didn’t like it.” She had seen almost every Marvel movie; how was she confused? I explained that the stone was part of six Infinity Stones (three of which we have seen in previous movies), and that Thanos (the guy in the chair) was hoping to collect them all in preparation for the third Avengers movie in 2018. After she replied “Oh, OK,” I then realized Marvel has a potentially huge problem on its hands.

Check out Painted Palms at the Black Cat Backstage with Saint Pepsi on Tuesday June 17th. Whether living four states away or four blocks away, Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme have always used the Internet — at first out of necessity, later out of preference — to collaborate on their …

This is the only way to do campaign commercials. h/t grove

This is the bizarre kind of stuff you can do when you have zero chance of winning. h/t Mrs. Lazy Hazy

[oh. boy.] Something about Gavin Newsom’s video announcing his candidacy for CA Gov doesn’t sit right with us. Perhaps it’s the creepy his Will Arnett-ness . Gob for Gov!