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Queen Elizabeth has HAD IT UP TO HERE [with these corgis at her feet] Politico reporters are ruining Rosslyn? [Say it ain’t so] Did you want to watch an autonomous firefighting robot from VA Tech suppress flames? [Yeah, thought so] Photo by Jim Havard

We will live by the promise of hashtag #NATL Can we watch all sports with this filter on?; Here are 45 names the NYT’s Upshot rejected that you can use for your new data journalism organization; #MyNYPD; O, Canada; Goodbye Google+; Hannity vs. Stewart; Comcast vs. Netflix; Andy Warhol created …

This is not only an amazing feat of technology, it’s a feat of diplomacy as well. President Obama played soccer with a robot.  

It doesn’t matter what language this freaky robot speaks , this whole mechanical experiment scares the sh*t out of us.  [what else does it do?]