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Casey Knowles, the star in Clinton’s Red Phone Ad, announces support for Obama.  Clinton campaign used stock footage from eight years ago. Will she star in an Obama commerical soon? h/t Fark

We’re not quite sure who’s in charge of hiring the catering company for the Republican Party, but they might consider one of two things: 1. Hire a new company. 2.  At the very least, tell the driver to park his “progressive” truck in the back of the RNC. Caption contest …. …

Shortly after Sen. Clinton flexed her foreign policy muscle at the Democratic debate in Ohio, her camp realized that it might be time to tout Obama’s foreign policy record – or lack there of. Yesterday, CNN reported that the Clinton campaign “pounced” on Obama’s acknowledgement that he’d yet to hold …

JoMa: The RNC hasn’t come out and gotten behind McCain yet….

Pershing: Convention Party Do’s and Don’ts Bresnahan: Senate splits with House on ‘lawmaker tributes’ at national conventions

…then meets Chris Taylor “If only Rahm Emanuel would put as much effort into finding bi-partisan solutions to America’s problems as he does into these political attacks, maybe then he wouldn’t be leading the lowest rated Congress in history.”

Ron Bonjean profiled in the Politico…. ….on the same day he announces his departure.