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You can’t, until 2019. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is building the Metro line into Loudoun County, just announced “design modifications made to enhance the safety and reliability” of the Silver Line. Translated from euphemism, that means approximately: “Familiarize yourself with the Washington Flyer, ’cause you’ll be riding it for at …

H Street doesn’t need the streetcar, [Benning Road does] Charles and Camilla have a [lovely day in DC] Before Metro, DC had [underground trolleys] Photo by Brett Bowers, submitted to the FamousDC Flickr Pool

Local DC filmmaker Eulonda Lea has created a short about the sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrific X2 line called “Ode to Rosa.” She says everything that happens in the 11 minute film really happened while she was riding the X2. via

Start with the socks & sandals … Unsuck DC Metro: Rider Hall of Fame: Super Mega Fail