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Like pretty bad, right? This would have saved us a few parking tickets, we’re pretty sure. via

We wouldn’t have known this except that Eleanor Holmes Norton parked outside the wrong window, as you can clearly see below:

“Whoops” – FDA [smallpox vials found] We got rainbows yesterday, two rainbows [count em] “It’s a $500 fine for a motorist to hit a bicyclist in the District, but some behaviors are so egregious [that some drivers might think it’s worth paying the fine.”] DuPont Circle mansion cut up for …

Parking can be very hard. [City Paper] This just in from Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue: Councilmember Marion Barry’s silver Jaguar, parked in the crosswalk while he noshed at Uniontown Bar and Grill across the street. Not that people in wheelchairs would have an easy time with those bricks anyway.

Some Metro employees are under fire for allegedly parking illegally at the Huntington Metro Station in Alexandria, Va. [come on] Metro Transit Police is investigating parking at the Huntington station in Alexandria, Va., after riders complained that Metro employees are taking the best spots and not paying. Roll the video …