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It seems like everyday we have a new politician announcing their candidacy for the 2016 presidential race. Is there some sort of unwritten guide that us common folk haven’t cued in on? We nailed down a few key steps that will surely have you on your way to joining the federal government as an elected official, whether in the Oval Office or House Office Buildings.

Pour a little of this in your Cocoa Puffs. Wall Street Journal: When Speechwriters Kiss and Tell When the sun rises over our capital city this morning, its denizens will awake to a truly novel tale: The aggrieved ex-staffer—wait for it!—disillusioned by Washington. The tome out today is by former …

What’s even more ridiculous than CNN covering this earth-shattering news, is the number of searches that will come up later tonight when we Google “Obama and Jacket.”  [the audacity of warmth]