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Interesting piece about finding commercial real estate in DC. Dream on: You won’t get a view of the Washington Monument, but look for alternative space or incentives and you might just find a bargain in the saturated capital. [read article] 1. Think beyond the physical space. 2. Think about in-transition …

CQ – Roll Call’s Ali McSherry has another edition of office space out. This time she’s visiting with Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa)

Rep. Paul Broun on the dozens of dead animals in his congressional office: “I’ve eaten everything in this office.” Even better: “If I’m going to shoot it, I’m going to eat it.” This video is part of Roll’s Calls revamped Office Space series.  Solid work by the Roll Call team.

Times are tough. Last month’s cuts at the Washington Times were much worse than first reported, as the ownership slashed the editorial staff from about 160 to 60 and hit the business and support staff by even more, according to remaining staffers. And now, as the conservative paper struggles for …

In case you were wondering who had the cooler office space, wonder no more.  [we didn’t really care either, but whatever]