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The folks over at NJI Media redesigned every state flag in America at, for Flag Day tomorrow. They weighed the history of the state with each state’s current flag and came up with interesting ways to represent local flavor. We’re impressed. Here are a few of our favorites: Arkansas …

That’s one campaign strategy we haven’t seen. h/t Tanner Latham

And while you’re at it, why not aerial sky ads while you’re at it? There’s "already some chatter" about getting KY SEN candidate Rand Paul (R) "his very own blimp" — although some supporters think it’s "the worst idea ever" ("Washington Whispers"). h/t Nora

At a lecture in Kansas Sunday, former North Carolina senator Elizabeth Dole said that she and her husband Bob would be starting the NutriSystem diet.  [slimming news] This was the first Bob had heard about it. h/t Wake Up Call

Even though the Final Four will be hosted in Detroit, Obama needed to take his frustrations out on someone after realizing he had only one team left in his Final Four bracket. WaPo: GM CEO to Step Down at White House’s Request