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NY Times Magazine:  Mike Allen, the Man the White House Wakes Up To Political insiderdom — or the illusion thereof — has moved from Georgetown salons or cordoned-off security zones to a mass e-mail list administrated by a never-married 45-year-old grind known as Mikey. Congratulations to Mr. Allen and the …

Was this done on purpose? [notice the caption] h/t Howard Kurtz

Mr. Rich spends 1,500 words to speak of American excess and how it relates to K Street today. Give this a quick read so you’ll be armed and ready for this week’s cocktail circuit. Frank Rich (NY Times Op-Ed Columnist): The Rabbit Ragu Democrats

How many articles per day mention Facebook or Twitter? Peggy Orenstein : Growing Up On Facebook RELATED: FamousDC Facebook Accountability Venture

Did Twitter just cruise by the Lincoln Memorial, run down the mall, skip past the White House, and then jump the shark? NY Times: The Week in Washington on Twitter Howard Kurtz: Anchors Twittering Their Lives Away

NY Times: Trying to Live on $500K in This Town

Will this get the attention of Robert Gibbs? The New York Times publicly whines Obama hasn’t dropped by to kiss their ring. Alexander Burns: NYT reporter warns of one-term Obama Assistant managing editor Rick Berke, who moderated the panel, noted that Obama had already departed from Bush’s precedent in one …

New York Times: Hoops Fans Can’t Wait for Obama to Take Office

Mark Penn: And sometimes your opponent just runs a good campaign. Hillary’s campaign wizard heads to the NY Times op-ed pages to start spinning the loss.

New York Times Fashion Diary: She Dresses to Win What Ms. Taylor read in Mrs. Obama’s appearance on Tuesday, she said, was a message that she is primed to become first lady, although not necessarily first hostess. “Every woman I talked to was saying how she has this confidence that …

Here’s the famous New York Times Magazine article all of DC discussed over brunch this weekend. Benjamin Wallace-Wells: A Case of the Blues Cole’s strategy is not complicated, but it does contain an essential difficulty: at a moment when Washington is deeply unpopular, he wants his candidates to run as …

Mary Ann Akers soberly files: Major-League [Expletive] Newsman Finds Redemption [The Panama Canal?] Politicians who have been maligned by the media find redemption all the time. So why shouldn’t that be the case for journalists who have been maligned by politicians? It seems to have happened for Adam Clymer, the …

Adam Reilly Asks: Just How Pissed Should Mitt Romney Be At the NY Times? Interesting note: Romney staffers are still on the payroll until tomorrow. 

Is the NYT smear machince in full gear?  McCain wakes up to a story he supposedly might have seen coming for months. 

Obama agrees to two more debates with Clinton