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Leibovich: Washington After a Fall These were the kind of days when Washington lives up to the cliché that it is really a small town — in the same way that Wall Street, Broadway and Hollywood are small towns, too, incubating outsize egos and ambitions, but also different.

Reporting 101: Your job is to report the news, not create it. [just sayin’]

Mary Ann Akers: Trent Lott: Man of the People, Fledgling Lobbyist “I took the Metro for the first time,” Lott told the Sleuth Thursday afternoon in the makeup room of MSNBC, where he and his new lobbying partner, former Sen. John Breaux (D-La.), were fixin (as Lott says) to do …

Calderone: MSNBC canceled ‘Tucker’

When asked who Putin’s successor is – Senator Clinton, well, needed a little help from Tim Russert … [whatever]

A Texas State Senator who supports Barack Obama can’t name a single legislative accomplishment of his. And just how long until Camp Hillary captures this very awkward moment and cuts an ad very similar to this one?

Last week MSNBC host David Shuster eloquently referred to the Clinton campaign’s use of Chelsea on the campaign trail as her being “pimped out.”  He was suspended, and now MSNBC is running scared of the Clinton wrath, and having everyone apologize on his behalf, even Keith Olbermann.  Only one problem, as the …

MSNBC reporter suspended for ‘pimped-out’ Chelsea comment –

MSNBC Is Reporting John Edwards Will Drop Out Of The Race UPDATE: The Associated Press