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FamousDC is still awaiting comments from fashion experts Pete Snyder and Jack Smith. However, Vick has gotten Outkast’s approval: “As I sit in my b-boy stance With flip-flops and socks, and sweatpants”

Of course Michael Vick is on the Hill as the puppy planking craze catches fire. Tom Weir: Michael Vick on Capitol Hill today Michael Vick’s continued efforts to help end dog-fighting will take him to Capitol Hill today.The Eagles quarterback will join Humane Society of the United States president Wayne …

On Monday afternoon Donovan McNabb got a $78 million contract extension. On Monday night Michael Vick put up nearly that many points against the Washington Redskins. [NFL History]

Have fun at FedEx tonight. And let’s see who is dragging into the office on Tuesday morning.

In honor of Veterans Day. Mental Floss: Dogs Welcoming Home Soldiers h/t – Amanda Carpenter

Doug teaches us all how to write one article that includes: the NFL, Dan Snyder, Rush Limbaugh, President Obama, President George W. Bush and Michael Vick. Doug Heye: Dan Snyder Unifies Redskins Fans in Misery–Rush Limbaugh Could Do Better

Our famous arm-breaking post earlier this week ended up linked on Deadspin – our second favorite sports site (don’t worry Lauren, you’re still #1) . This is actually our second third Deadspin link and we always appreciate Dashiell Bennett and the rest of the Deadspin crew taking time out between …

Michael Vick was released from prison early this morning.  [woof]