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Sure, this video has all the charm of your typical mid-century educational videos with a deep-throated narrator and plodding atmospheric music, but its subject matter is something you know very well. It’s about the jewel of WMATA, Metrorail, and specifically how it was built, which is pretty cool. Even if you don’t appreciate long wait times, crazy passengers and all other fun Metro benefits, you can definitely appreciate it as a feat of engineering. Check out from 1:45 on to see footage of how workers tunneled under the earth to make Metro possible. via

Le Diplomate is failing [just kidding it’s making boatloads of cash] Goodbye Snow photos [god we hope so] Metro car door freezes open [that’s brisk, baby] WaPo expanding to China [yes that is a real thing, thanks Bezos] Cherry Blossoms have a peak date [taking bets on the accuracy of …

DCist has all of the local road closings for tonight’s State of the Union