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Mary Ann Akers: Trent Lott: Man of the People, Fledgling Lobbyist “I took the Metro for the first time,” Lott told the Sleuth Thursday afternoon in the makeup room of MSNBC, where he and his new lobbying partner, former Sen. John Breaux (D-La.), were fixin (as Lott says) to do …

Akers: Meltdown on House Floor Disrupts Lantos Memorial Service Steroids in Baseball – CHECK NFL Spygate – CHECK Pelosi’s Daughter’s Wedding – CHECK Political Gotcha – CHECK Terrorist Surveillance (FISA) – nah

This article says so much about Jimmie Johnson: Akers: Pelosi Skips Calif. Primary to Work the NASCAR Vote Ken Spain on his A-game: “The Democrats better hope that Nancy Pelosi received her immunization shots before taking the podium with Jimmie Johnson today,” says National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken Spain, …

Akers: Clyburn not undecided, but undeclared Clyburn said he doesn’t really see Obama as the “black candidate” polls are making him out to be. If anything, Clyburn argued, Obama is the white candidate.

Akers: Rep. Jefferson a Stickler on Courthouse Food Rules At the courthouse facing federal corruption charges, Bill Jefferson gets on an elevator and jokes with Susan Crabtree that she is breaking the rules with her snack inside. Molly Hooper asks Jefferson, “What are they going to do, indict us?”