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Congratulations to Ryan and Karen Howell.  The couple was married over the weekend in Laguna Beach, California.  Below is a picture of the bridal party, featuring the Aston Martin Vintage Vantage that helped escort the newlyweds to the reception. UPDATE: We’re told the car was a Vantage, not a Vintage, …

Al Gore’s daughter is also getting a divorce. [following in dad’s carbon foot steps prints] And even though the announcement happened approximately 13 seconds ago, her Wikipedia page has already been updated. Now, that’s one fast internet, Al.

The Atlantic: Gay Marriage Clears Final Hurdle In the District Of Columbia At midnight tonight, same-sex marriage will be legal in the District of Columbia.

Watchmen [and 27 Dresses…don’t ask how we know that] actress Malin Akerman seems to be quite the Obama fan. Excerpt below (viewer discretion is advised): I tell her the Internet has pictures of a shirtless Obama vacationing in Hawaii. "I might have to have a little bathroom break. Change my …

“Sopranos” star James Gandolfini engaged to marry