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DC interns are back [and DCist has their best quips so far] You may not believe it but it costs less to live near Nats Park [than it does to live near Fenway] DC might host the [MLB all-star game this year] Photo by Laurie Shaull

Did you get a Jayson Werth gnome? We did, too. And he’s gotten in to all kinds of trouble so far. We are here to present the adventures of Jayson Werth, Gnome, via Snapchat. North by Northwest Werth Snowwerth Waldo Werth Frozen Werth Rapunzel Werth Princess Werth Werthy the Bear …

Sure, you can propose with some #Natitude, but it’ll cost ya. The Washington Nationals proposal costs ($1500) are only second to the LA Dodgers’ ($2500). Source: