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Turtlenecks are so 2010. Big ups to Rep. Jim Clyburn for bringing them back.

Someone please give the NPR Politics team a Congressional directory or at least send them a link for google or wikipedia. Twitter/NPR Politics James Clyburne of North Carolina is talking about the Greatest Generation and America’s perseverance. /andy That would be Jim Clyburn, House Majority Whip, from South Carolina.  

Yes … having solved the energy crisis, ended the Iraq war, and fixed social security, Congress is now spending today congratulating Florida Gator Tim Tebow (born in 1987) on winning the Heisman Trophy.  No really. H.Res. 901 – Congratulating University of Florida Quarterback Timothy “Tim” Tebow for winning the Heisman …

For anyone doubting that opportunity still exists in America, there is the story of Jaime Harrison. [Another Politico pro] Harrison is a top aide to House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, a job that ranks among the most influential in Congress. He has an office at the dead center of the …

Data snafu puts Clyburn 77th in influence ranking (did Politico just drop SNAFU in a title?) “We erred on that one,” acknowledged Knowlegis CEO Brad Fitch. Fitch was alerted to the error Monday by Clyburn’s press secretary, Kristie Greco. Fitch said Clyburn fell into one of the “two categories of …

Real ‘Work’? Clinton Swipes at Chelsea’s Profession

Clyburn to Clinton: “He needs to chill a little bit.”

Pershing: Clyburn Says Focus on Race Issues ‘A Shame’ AP: Clyburn:Time to End MLK Dustup O’Connor: Clyburn tries (again) to defuse race controversy