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Nothing. Ben’s Chili Bowl just opened in DCA. Because nothing says, “hey, that’s me in the middle seat,” as you clutch a bowl of chili before a 4-hour flight. h/t Byers

All-Star Game and lifesaver extraordinaire. Yup, Bryce Harper is the second coming. Once upon a time, MLB players held jobs in the offseason. The good ones owned local businesses—car dealerships and the like—the not-so-good ones dug graves. But now that the owners and the union have thoroughly streamlined the process of separating …

We spotted Jesus [Bingo] The Perfect Tweet [#WeCantWait] New Mural [Adams Morgan]

Name Calling 101: Fenty ally compares embattled D.C. Mayor to Jesus It’s probably a bad move to compare your preferred candidate in a mayoral race to Jesus – especially when city streets seem to have more potholes than the Old City has stones. Strong work, CNN.

Strasburg! Strasburg! Strasburg!Strasburg!Strasburg!Strasburg!Strasburg!Strasburg!Strasburg!Strasburg! … and on the 8th day … he pitched. We hope you enjoy the game tonight.

DCist: Overheard in DC Congressional humor Outside the House side of the Capitol building: Men in suits are walking past the man who dresses like Jesus who is outside the Capitol a lot. Man in a suit: “For what purpose does the gentleman from Nazareth rise? … The gentleman from …

The good news:  He is on Twitter.  We tweeted him the other day.  Looking to do lunch early next week. h/t Jayhawk