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Everyone knows that FamousDC does our best to stay non-partisan. But this is an effort we support 100%. Let’s all get behind the Make It Rain Act. NJ’s Theresa Poulson:  Make it Rain Act’ a Better Name for Jobs Bill? — VIDEO  

Politico’s Full 2010 Election Coverage Politics Daily: Tuesday Primary Election Results: Will the Incumbents Survive? Real Clear Politics The Fix: Incumbent Armageddon? Hotline On Call

At the buzzer … it’s good! Hotline’s Reid Wilson: Three Of Four Finalists Are GOP Havens . The majority of schools who will compete in the Final Four this weekend have GOP-heavy fan bases, according to an analysis of the media markets they own. Could this be a second Deadspin …

This morning: FamousDC: Doug Heye Gets Drudge Bomb This afternoon: Reid Wilson: RNC Fills Communications Director Gap

Reid Wilson: Tuesday’s Starting Lineup The DailyKos founder sent the DC press corps into spasms last night with 2 tweets signaling his dissatisfaction with health care legislation. "Insurance companies win. Time to kill this monstrosity coming out of the Senate," he wrote. Minutes later: "Bye bye, [Senate Maj. Leader Harry] …