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Meet Jeff Wells & Teddy Folkman. Jeff Wells and Teddy Folkman founded DC’s annual Beer Week in 2008. Jeff Wells is one of the co-founders of DC Beer Week and an On-Premise Sales Manager for DOPS, Inc. – one of the Washington area’s pioneering Craft Beer Wholesalers. A 15-year veteran of the Washington, DC craft beer movement, Jeff developed his love and passion for craft beer while gaining experience in all three tiers of the industry. Chef Teddy Folkman, co-owner of Granville Moore’s on H Street, NE, and co-founder of DC Beer Week, has spent the past decade pursuing his passion for the culinary arts. When he isn’t in the kitchen, Teddy pursues another of his passions – craft beer. As the National Culinary Ambassador for Brewery Ommegang, he travels the country hosting cooking competitions and beer dinners, as well as speaking about food and beer at various festivals and events. All in all, these guys have a pretty good gig and lots of great beer.

Some people lie about their involvement in history, others just make up their own version. [Encyclopedia Hayworth]

NPR Politics and Foreign Policy (yes, NPR and FP) explain today’s rap battles as compared to world politics. Jay-Z is the United States The Game is North Korea You can’t make this up folks. Marc Lynch drops it like it’s hot … NPR Politics: Foreign Policy: Jay-Z Schools Us In …