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Glenn Thrush: Alan Grayson: Unavoidable for comment Upon reading a Grayson press release that says he will not be available for comment until Monday, Thrush replies: No Grayson until Monday? Shut down the servers.

Glenn Thrush: Summers brushes back Boehner It’s always about the jobs

Only in Washington can a half hug turn into front page news. POLITICO: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid at odds over war You can watch the video here.

Glenn Thrush is crushing this like P-Diddy in a tribute video. Politico: Rangel sorry for Obama-in-Harlem quip RELATED: FamousDC: Crack Wars Forget 2Pac and Biggie. Glenn Thrush takes us to the front lines of the ongoing Harlem battle. Politico: Bloomberg v. Rangel over Harlem crack