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Wonkette has enjoyed watching Fox News flex their geography muscles. [new york is the new egypt] Attempt #1

…perhaps that should be the name of our next rock band. [byt] big h/t to Brightest Young Things

The CBS News vs. Fox News battle heats up as Brian Montopoli explains the science behind their Glenn Beck rally crowd calculations. CBS News: Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” Rally Crowd Estimate Explained

Glenn Beck’s amazing yearbook photos: Glenn Beck sported a full head of bushy hair and a ring on his ring finger in his 1982 yearbook photo from Sehome High School in Bellingham, Washington. In his 1981 shot, the Fox News host and radio juggernaut went for a jacketless shirt/tie combo.

Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri: Beck’s blackboard living in Norquist’s closet “We haven’t gotten to the technology where we can use the chalkboard yet,” ATR Communications Director John Kartch told Yeas & Nays. “We’re not advanced enough for that yet.”

Beck on his interview with Tickle Me Elmo: Glenn Beck: Sorry for wasting your time with Massa, America If Glenn Beck apologized for every bad interview he’s had, we’d be here a while. Looks like Michelle Malkin was right.

A "total of 33 Fox advertisers," including "Walmart, CVS Caremark, Clorox and Sprint," have "directed that their commercials" not air on Glenn Beck’s show (AP). Only 25 of them were actually running ads on Fox, the other 8 just wanted to make sure they weren’t left out of the fun. …

It takes talent to call your own shot right before you faint, but that’s exactly what David Buckner did recently while appearing on Glenn Beck’s show. We wish Mr. Buckner the best.