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Meet Brendan O’Connor. Brendan O’Connor is the co-founder of RaiseDC and with a tagline like “A Virtuous Nightlife” we could not help but be intrigued when we learned of his venture. Starting just a year ago (anniversary party details below), RaiseDC seeks to combine the forces of DC’s nightlife with fundraising for local nonprofits. In just one one year they have helped out 8 DC organizations with 100% of ticket sales going toward the cause. Win-win, right? We thought so too and were lucky enough to chat with O’Connor about the organization, its upcoming events and how we can all be a little more virtuous. *Follow RaiseDC at and stay tuned for their coming website: .

Hans Nichols, the second best basketball player among the DC media ranks, covers the latest trend in political fundraising. Cash Money.

Blowing a draft pick [Toby or not Toby] Democrats fund raising [healthcare] C-SPAN [dissed] Biden [haikus] NRCC [cash]

Pump fake from Jonathan Allen. Politico’s John Harris: Why POLITICO let Jonathan Allen come back If the past is prologue, this means 2010 will be his best year ever. No word yet on how the conversations between his agent and Dan Snyder broke down. Welcome back Jonathan and please keep …

Kucinich, a fundraising machine $689K in 7 weeks

K Street readies for fundraising blizzard “People are focusing right away on building up the war chest for November,” he said. – Tony Podesta “It’s basically our Christmas party after Christmas,” said Edison spokesman Ed Legge.