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You can’t, until 2019. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is building the Metro line into Loudoun County, just announced “design modifications made to enhance the safety and reliability” of the Silver Line. Translated from euphemism, that means approximately: “Familiarize yourself with the Washington Flyer, ’cause you’ll be riding it for at …

Shira Toeplitz experienced what most of us do on our morning commute: Flying port-a-potties.

Biden taps out, let’s Ultimate Fighting Championship CEO take off while the rest of us mere mortals have to wait. Relevant portion at 4:15ish, although feel free to check out the most awkward man hug ever between Harry Reid and Dana White at 1:25.

This could be huge news. Southwest Airlines announced today that is is acquiring AirTran and will move the Orlando-based airline’s headquarters to Dallas. h/t Crank via Hackbarth