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Remember ladies and gentleman, he’s a basketball player – and likely a very good bowler. h/t Next Round

This is not Charlie Crist’s fault – it’s his staff’s fault for not forcing him to practice.

UPDATE: Obama needs to watch the Kenny Powers training video before next year’s Opening Day

We didn’t elect him because he was a sharp dresser: Paul Bedard: Don’t be surprised of Obama wears his Mom Jeans to the Nat’s opener Monday. Recall he said he likes “frumpy.” Related: Obama to One-Bounce First Pitch in Dirt on Opening Day

Although President Obama’s first pitch at the All Star game wasn’t as bad as this one, Jonathan Papelbon was still not terribly impressed. "That was what, a split he threw?” Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon said. "He almost spiked it there, which I don’t think is very good. If you’re …