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We all know and love the Snuggie. The commercials are hysterical and the Snuggies themselves are, well, snuggie-rific. And we’re sure that we’re not the only ones who have thought about magical Snuggie Sex (think about the weirdos reading FamousDC after googling Snuggie Sex!). Luckily for all of us, a …

H/T – DCist’s Kriston Capps

Carmelo [reality TV] Tech Savvy [POTUS] Cry [Project Beltway] Ball [on the mall]

Matt Dornic vs. Greta Van Susteren Round 1, Chris Cillizza promised more political rap dances, Emily Heil is a bad ass, 100% shameless, Congressional art, Twitter makes the world smaller, J-E-T-S = B-U-C-S, is this guy stopping by soon?, the Atlantic is gearing up, Tom Rooney thinks Big Ben is …

Scotch and style [JCrew] Strasburg [savior] Dandelion [fine] Tiki [sneaky] Where? [you]

What an exciting week! The SEC doubled down against Goldman, Patrick O’Connor welcomed Sam O’Connor to the world, Shira Toeplitz and Kim Hart are joining POLITICO, God’s quarterback is heading to Denver, Ali McSherry has visited 40+ restaurants this year, went platinum, Marco Rubio was endorsed by a broom, …

Yeah, this is how we’re rolling into Thursday.

International film fest [DC on a Dime] Bacon Grease [Benton’s] On the Red Line [RIP] Tourist [rules]

DC 68 [riot] Peeps [risen] Melissa [Ford] Tabard Inn [brunch]

Wow, things really escalated quickly, Corey Owens is heading to Facebook, recess is back, J-E-T-S, Boom Goes the Dynamite, Ali McSherry spent some time with Bruce Braley,  Julianna Smoot started her new job, Robert Allbritton vs. John McLaughlin heated up,  too much back spin, and get ready – the cherry …

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15 minutes can be a long time. UPDATE: We liked this when we saw it the first time here.