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Today’s matches are officially over.  Results will be posted shortly. Key match ups tomorrow include @notlarrysabato vs. @mkhammer and @mindyfinn vs. @michaelturk **Matches start tomorrow morning at 10am and go until 3pm . @bdayspring vs. @sorendayton @notlarrysabato vs. @mkhammer @lizmair vs. @KatieFavazza @newtgingrich vs. @AlbrightDC @seanhackbarth vs. @howardkurtz @jmartpolitico vs. …

Bill Leighty Brad Dayspring Lindsey Mastis Karen Lightfoot Tim Taylor Mindy Finn Terry Lierman Josh Robinson Daniel Reilly Makeda Saggau-Sackey

Superdelegate switcheroo at the Obama camp. McCain camp not movin’ on Clinton dubs herself Goldilocks.