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They made: Apple reported another blowout quarter, as net income soared to $3.38bn or $3.67 a share, from $2.26bn or $2.50 a year earlier, well above Wall Street estimates.  [record] They owe: US Government: $12,245,872,000,000 What would the US economy look like if Steve Jobs was calling the shots?

Glenn Thrush: Summers brushes back Boehner It’s always about the jobs

In this economy, can you really blame him?

If the economy has you so worried that you can’t sleep, worry no more. Below are six of the weirder insomnia treatments handed down through the ages. [courtesy of Mental Floss dot com] 1. Rub Your Feet in Dormouse Fat 2. A spoonful of Sea Slug Entrails 3. Pay to …

You’d think CNN might have slipped in at least one or two stories that weren’t so damn depressing.

This would explain the increase in TWIs [Twittering While Intoxicated] over the past few months.  [cheers]

It’s unclear as to where the legendary buffet-goer filmmaker got his economics degree, but KFC is likely a good guess. [net flix]

McCain allows staff to take an extended recess.  Why?  Click here. [hint: Cuz the economy is in the crapper]

Either Old Man McCain was napping or he didn’t feel his meeting with five powerful members of the House of Reps was important enough to attend yesterday. On Monday afternoon, McCain economic adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin was scheduled to meet with Reps. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), John Campbell (R-Calif.), Kevin …

UPDATE: We were duped, notice the date of the post.  Nicely done, Act Blue, nicely done.  Act Blue has apparently given up on America and the American dollar. [dollar gets rolled]. “Noting this trend, we turned a discerning eye on monetary units and realized that by converting your dollars into euros, we …

Congress returns this week – at least half of it does – for the start of 2008 and a session that should have distinct differences from 2007. [click]

Pelosi and Bernanke to discuss economy on Monday: aide