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In 2008, these two old fellas appeared in a Democratic ad.  [DSCC] Two years later, they took a pay cut and changed teams. [Richard Burr] h/w JS

Aaron Blake Tweets: DSCC tweets and posts Biden’s Blumenthal comments. Whoops UPDATE: The link is dead (Contentless Rant), but we got a screen grab.

DSCC spokesman Eric Schultz had the line of the day when commenting about the DSCC’s new video, “GOP Says No to Jobs.” “It may be springtime, but Republicans seem allergic to job creation.” That may be true, but the DSCC is not alergic to iStock actors. They used every one …

Pump fake from Jonathan Allen. Politico’s John Harris: Why POLITICO let Jonathan Allen come back If the past is prologue, this means 2010 will be his best year ever. No word yet on how the conversations between his agent and Dan Snyder broke down. Welcome back Jonathan and please keep …

Politico’s David Catanese: Five Ways to Lose the Senate Majority

The NRSC took a bold, yet expected approach to their homepage today: The DSCC took a less subtle approach:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has some very clever folks working for them. Their latest ad is a very well done spoof of the PC vs. Mac ad. Instead of "I’m a PC and I’m a Mac," it’s now "I’m a Democrat and I’m a Republican." And instead of "I …

In case you hadn’t heard, former SNL funny man Al Franken is running for the Senate. And while you might find his candidacy legitimate, the IRS begs to differ. And as only his Extremeness could point out, it’s “more like ironic foreshadowing.”