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If you buy a certain scientific scale on, the services conveniently creates a list of other drug related paraphernalia for all your shopping needs. Try the search yourself. via

DC may get a little [taller] Panda cub weighs 10 lbs! [buttersticks] Daughter of Chantilly mom still in [Siberia] New place in shaw will have hearty eats [Rico Loco] Photo by JD Moore

Although you may become addicted. Everyone should know that the site has been spammed and that we will not be venturing into the pharmaceudical business. Thank you to all that tipped us off, posts will be a little light for the next 24 hours. Keep sending those tips to [email protected].

We’ll be honest, we want the Olympics in Chicago. And since Team Chi-town isn’t pushing back on Drudge plastering a video of their town’s gang violence all over the front page, we thought we’d fire off a little dirty ditty on Chicago’s main competitor, Rio de Janeiro.  And trust us, …

Is today the best day of Ryan Grim’s reporting career? Remember folks, he gets paid for this. Huffington Post: Trey Anastasio, Phish Frontman, Tells Addiction Story On Capitol Hill, Lobbies For Drug Courts Phish’s floppy-haired frontman is sporting a sharp, navy blue suit, which can only mean one of two …