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Real American hero Matt Cohen (DCist) made a sweet American playlist. Listen and salute. via

This little boy made a new friend at the National Zoo. From his parents: “During a recent visit to the National Zoo my 7-year old, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, found an unexpected playmate in the Sea Lion exhibit. … My son often struggles to play with other children his own age, but had a wonderful time with his new friend. As he put it, ‘THIS IS THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE!!!'”

DCist highlighted a study today that put DC as the leader. The leader in most office profanity that is. In a city with so much pressure, we aren’t too surprised. However, we never thought we’d be jealous of New York and Philly, both scored lower than us. Congratulations, Washington office-dwellers. …

We hope you enjoyed the break. What did you talk about over the grill? Triage or Playboy? Jeff Zeleny & Carl Hulse: Democrats Plan Political Triage to Retain House Eddie Kim: Salahi to Auction State Dinner Dress, Pose in Playboy

H/T – DCist’s Kriston Capps

Celebrate Emancipation Day! DCist: D.C. Bars May Stay Open 1 Hour Later on Thursday

DCist: Overheard in D.C. Unemployed is the new employed . Somewhere in D.C.: . Two high school boys wait for the bus: Boy: “I wish I was homeless. Then I could rant to anyone I wanted. And I could just sit there and have people give me money. Best job …

DCist’s Sommer Mathis: WaPo Headline: ‘Drizzle for Shizzle’

Some polls are just completely unnecessary: A new poll gave the District’s snow removal efforts a failing grade. According to the poll, most people say D.C.’s mayor Adrian Fenty is to blame. [landslide] Stay tuned for the “Will the Nats win the World Series?” poll. H/T – DCist

DCist: Nationals’ Pursuit Of Wang Pays Off With Signing Yes, we’re 12 years old. Sorry.

DCist’s Sommer Mathis: Federal Govt. Open Under 2-Hour Delay Tuesday

Kriston Capps: D.C. To Ring in New Year With Dread Wintery Mix

Please keep sending in your DC snow photos and we will update. We’re still watching the tip line to see if anyone snapped a photo of the elusive thunder snow . Check out Tommy McFly’s photo feed . Looking north at the Capitol from South Capitol & D St (SE/SW). …

Do we really live in a city where the sight of a grown man squatting on the sidewalk with his pants down around his ankles is zero cause for concern? DCist: Google Street View Captures Public Defecation on H Street Related: Frozen Topics

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