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Ok Boston, OK WE GET IT [IT SNOWED A LOT] Truck hits Delta plane at DCA [whoopsies] Running a restaurant = [conducting an orchestra] Photo by Joe Newman submitted to the FamousDC Flickr Pool

Nothing. Ben’s Chili Bowl just opened in DCA. Because nothing says, “hey, that’s me in the middle seat,” as you clutch a bowl of chili before a 4-hour flight. h/t Byers

Streetcar’s comin [but you can’t get on] Food trucks get regulated [it’s kinda good] Guide to dining at DCA [“dining” is a stretch] New DC Driver’s Licenses [hot off the printers] Photo by Ismadison

This could be huge news. Southwest Airlines announced today that is is acquiring AirTran and will move the Orlando-based airline’s headquarters to Dallas. h/t Crank via Hackbarth

… sometimes it is behind a velvet rope and you’re on the list. [spotted at National Airport in Washington, D.C.]