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Bres: 8 House Dems get letters, photo of New York recruiting station before bombing Shackleford: Domestic Terror AP: Army Alerts Recruiters Nationwide After NY Bomb UPDATE: Law Enforcement: Letters Unrelated to Times Square Blast

CNN travel: New late-night spots in D.C.

While our beloved DC road warriors keep their sedans in park- limo drivers around the city are licking their chops in an attempt to fill the transportation void.  The only problem, the limo drivers refuse to learn the zone system – forcing some people to sell a kidney in order …

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Bush’s former brain, Karl Rove, states some new rules of presidential campaigns, including: “The 21st century’s opening decade is seeing the rise of the communications director and press spokesman as the more important figures on a campaign staff.” How quickly will press flacks forward …

Pershing: SOTU Expectations Low on the Hill “I pretty much have lost hope, but the good news tonight is that it’s his last speech,” said Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.).

TONIGHT: President Bush’s Last State of Union Address McCain plans to skip – will stay in Florida to campaign; Clinton and Obama both plan to attend Lou Cannon and Carl Cannon: “We believe that George W. Bush can be meaningfully compared to Ronald Reagan.” Bush speech will seek to calm …

…then meets Chris Taylor “If only Rahm Emanuel would put as much effort into finding bi-partisan solutions to America’s problems as he does into these political attacks, maybe then he wouldn’t be leading the lowest rated Congress in history.”

Ryan Grim: Young Blunt doesn’t disappoint Josh Kraushaar: Missouri governor Blunt announces surprise retirement