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It’s about to get chilly up in this place [NYE] Logan Circle coffee changes [seeya Caribou, hello Peet’s] DC Police pimpmobile cruises streets [for kids] Nat’l Zoo cheetahs behave as expected [and bite a deer to death] DC Cab Commission is sure [it’s doing well] Photo by Lawrence Cheng

This weekend = Weinerhill Downs [dachshund races] District Flea Street Style [so fetch] Baby panda still doing well [checkup] 50% of DC cabs begrudgingly accepting credit card payments [cashless] Lady stabs roommate for listening to Eagles on repeat [she sucks] Logan Circle [gunshots] Photo by the Q

It’s about time someone took a stand. Join Brink Digital Creative’s movement on Twitter #DCcabsSUCK

It looks like our old friend the Mad DC Cabbie is back on the scene. After taking an unexplained break from blogging from December to August, Mad Cabbie is back in full force. Here are a few of his latest and greatest: Hot Cougar Mom Mad the Snitch Lonely Soul …

Dear Mayor Fenty, Thank you so much for putting meters in all of the DC cabs- as if we didn’t pay enough in taxes.  Lord knows the city workers need more money to embezzle. After all, they do have luxury cars to buy. I figured I’d let you know that …