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Following his Entourage brother Ari – Rahm still holding out for the biggest deal Ambinder: Rahm’s the Only One Now, Rep. Rahm Emanuel is the only Illinois superdelegate who hasn’t taken sides.

Data snafu puts Clyburn 77th in influence ranking (did Politico just drop SNAFU in a title?) “We erred on that one,” acknowledged Knowlegis CEO Brad Fitch. Fitch was alerted to the error Monday by Clyburn’s press secretary, Kristie Greco. Fitch said Clyburn fell into one of the “two categories of …

Akers: Clyburn not undecided, but undeclared Clyburn said he doesn’t really see Obama as the “black candidate” polls are making him out to be. If anything, Clyburn argued, Obama is the white candidate.