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Not only is Mike Lurie great at capturing incredible cinemagraphs, but he’s also a poet. (He knows it). “On this dazzling splendid day Let our misgivings drift away The wind will guide our sway We are all this inflatable bunn-ay” – Mike Lurie

Mike Lurie made a series of subtle cinemagraphs of familiar sights around Washington, DC. The slight movements and occasional person-free point of view is both haunting and calming. You’ll have to hone your Where’s Waldo skills to find what’s moving in at least one of these. Take a deep breath, …

In honor of May being Military Appreciation month. The WWII Memorial, by Mike Lurie

More great cinemagraph work by Mike Lurie.

Another great cinemagraph by Mike Lurie.

Amazing cinemagraph work by Mike Lurie.